Love and Fear



If love is great,
and there are no greater things,
then what I feel for you must be the greatest.


There is no feeling more
comforting and consoling
than knowing you are right next
to your loved one.


I’ve seen fire
and I’ve seen rain,
I’ve seen sunny days
I thought would never end,
I’ve seen lonely times when
I could not find a friend,
but I always thought
I’d see you again



17 year old death inmate


17 year old death inmate


I think, in this story , it should be less than the “name” kind of thing , neither needed nor necessary, because this is a place where only numbers .

” Ei … Do not sleep , someone to report it! ” Cried my colleague beside me .

“Oh … let me sleep about it! Boring Oh ! Stuffy in here all day ! ”

“No matter ! Go and open the gates it! ”

“Oh .. okay ! ”
My heart will be unwilling to remove the warm ass chair , took a bunch of keys to open the metal trap door.

I was a prison guard , every day I have to do is stay in this boring prison inmates monitoring ,

And is responsible for some unexpected situation , and today again a new prisoner ,

So I have to help him arrange a prison , really in trouble !

Picked up the attendance records , looked at the prisoner ‘s information, I was shocked for a moment ,

I saw the number of prisoners under the written word ─ ” death ” , but I’m not surprised for this ,

Because we here are invariably related to the execution of prisoners to be , which I’m accustomed .

I am surprised that the prisoner ‘s age says ” seventeen ” years old, which I have quite rare,
You can say that any time I have not seen inside .
Sure enough, I saw two guards escort , I saw a slightly younger face.
“This is 5207 right ? ” I asked the escort person.
“Yes ! Handed him over to you now .”
” Good ! Your hard work ! ”
Took the prisoner , I took him in his cell Zhaokong of his foot chain sound,
It ‘s nearly 1:00 am in his cell corridor , extraordinarily clear, harsh.
But looking at the data , I told him seventeen -year-old was sentenced to death in the background is quite curious , took him into his cell before ,
I stayed to chat with him .
” 5207 , I looked at that says you only seventeen years of age on your data , is that true? ”
At first he did not want to talk to me , but at last he spoke .
” Death is true, written above the age will leave it? ”
His eyes seemed to tell me, he should not ask stupid questions .
“I am the guards , usually stuffy in here , bored love to hear them talk about the background of the prisoners , How about you ?
You want me to talk about it? ”
I carefully asked him, fearing it makes him feel stupid question .
” Do you really want to hear it? Tired I think you will hear my death came too tragic ,
Listening , wait will affect your life ! “He says.
” Not at all ! Another miserable life here I have heard of it! ”
” Oh … okay ! Anyway, then what is death , death to leave their story is not bad .”
He promised to look at , and I took him to my duty to sit down before the table , in the light irradiation ,
I then really look at his appearance , that he is so handsome,
A long clean boy, quite gentle , style look,
It gave me his background , there has been more intense desire to know ,
Because we face here are mostly related to bad looks,
Others probably are Zhangtoushumu , head sharp face it!
Anyway, to see that those who come here should be it!
” Are you ready to say it? ‘ I asked cautiously .
” Ah ! Give me a cigarette , okay ? Me hooked .”
” Ah … wait a minute, I will show you .”
Lit the cigarette , he spit a smoke ring , then that is a burst of coughing.
” Cough … cough … cough … I’m still not used to smoke , I’m not really close to any of the bad habits , uh … ”
His cough side of his mouth .
” I do not smoke cigarettes even told Whatcha ! Really ! ”
I sighed as I killed Flanagan smoke .
” Oh … I just wanted to try how it feels to smoke it! ”
From just now , I finally saw him smile , is so naive, immature,
Such a boy , why would it come to this ?
“Okay ! Quick to speak ! Wait to be discovered warden , but I left you in this bad ,” I urged him.
“Do you really want to listen? Oh … okay ! ” Deep sigh, he finally said .
” I was born in a family full of scholarly atmosphere at home with my parents in addition to outside ,
I have a brother , but also because my family this unique atmosphere,
I grew up with my brother will be taught the way to live , even with the knowledge of the company of the day ,
Parents continue to let me and my brother to get the best education,
We were trying to teach people to become single-minded on the gentleman , has the supreme knowledge, the future can be a good honor to the family ;
But this desire just before high school made ​​me, for my brother , seems to be less useful .
Every day he is not a fight of some trivial duties provoke something , my parents are quite a headache for him ;
In contrast, in the eyes of their parents , I behaved a lot.
Growth in the road , I won all the way to meet the expectations of the tournament awards ,
The class is the top spear , and therefore, are quite love my parents , in contrast ,
My brother would like a gum annoying as the eyes of the parents , but the lingering hate ,
So they snubbed him.
Honestly , I told my brother intersection is not much, perhaps zero it !

The power of love


The power of love

Love is the power , if you think so ,
All you need to do is surrender to love –
When you love trying to flow , do not stop it ;
When love for you to point the way , please follow it ;
When the presence of love in the heart, silence accompany it ;
Down stubborn self , to be reborn thanks love !


Why do we love is unrequited ?
Because when you are in love at the same time ,
Love makes you already own into a successful ,
But this love is the successful expansion of the sharing out ;
If return, we should also thank satisfactory response from another .


Love may vary because of differences in the target address ,
But all the love , the nature and meaning is the same.
Unless you love has no conditions , otherwise it would not be love ,
In the end , others will flatly refuse.


More blessed to give than to receive ,
Because there is a subject prior to application , we can give their obtained ;
Because today we gave , but also respond to us tomorrow, God more ;
Because we give what we get is what the future ;
Because there is love in our hearts , but only in order to experience the love of sharing time .


I love you, love does not mean that that is settled,
Because we truly desire ,
That is not waiting for the end from the beginning , or the old ones go on a relationship ,
Our desire is that the mind of the eternal vibration and resonance.
That used to love you , care about you go, but as long as love is still the heart of fermentation ,
You are forever inseparable from it!


Unless love is willing , or else there who can love who –
I know , who is to love your freedom , no one can dictate your decisions ;
But do you understand that love exists inside of you , are you the only soul in mind !


When love flows between you and me ,
In this world , we became each other’s family !


Dear sister sisters ,
Let us go forward hand in hand to rise ,
Otherwise, all day waiting for Prince Charming to rescue ,
Think about it really is not a good way, ah, in the end !

Pain Quotes


Doubt is a pain too lonely
to know that faith
is his twin brother.

There were times when
he could not read the face
he had studied so long,
and when this lonely girl
was a greater mystery to him
than any women of the world…

A friend is one who knows who you are,
understands where you have been,
accepts what you have become,
and still gently allows you to grow.

I love you not because I need you,
But I need you because I love you.

Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay,
because Love isn’t Love until you give it away.

True Love Pictures




True love passes all understandings.
True love Expresses loyalty.
True love hurts but can learn how to mend.
True love dreams the highest dreams.
True love waits until the stars visit the day.
True love seeks good for the other.
True love lends forgiveness.
True love cries but washes away the pains.
True love makes an ignorant boy a mature man.
True love softens the heart of a girl to a nurtured woman.
True love never lies.
True love loves a person until forever.
True love sees love even though the hair is white.
And most of all…
TRUE LOVE never breaks promises, until the vow has been done.


True Love Poems



Our debt from past lives


* Our debt from past lives , this touch of tears, roots too deep, the pain can not face; like an absurd joke, gorgeous began, the outcome of a mouth like a beaten, good crisp!

* I love you but you love him, you love me estimated last generation but I love her, right! I guess this is the …

* I would like to find a princess, I will always do her servant.

* We two mutually inviting light, you fickle, I’m good lie, love you Ah really pathetic!

* Ye Taihei, the heart does not sleepy, lonely also followed Minato right.

* Liar is the highest state can fool a person’s feelings, I think you did it; fool foolish enough to give the highest level of energy all his feelings, I think I did.

* Like a person is not wrong, it would be wrong in your love too, too deep.

* When you hold me like cheap, holding his chatter when love words.

Take your like me when myth, and then took me to forget you mad when the costs.

* I want to forget you, I want to leave you, I want to not like you, … but I can not, either hang up, or amnesia, else no chance!

Girls just undergone surgery, the body wrapped over the treatment of the instrument, the name bit, apparently some pale face. Boy lying on the girl in front, looking at unusual weakness girl miserable powerful, he asked the nurse: “She could wake up when”? Clear voice trembling. Eyes do not know more than a few things crystal clear. Boy is very strong, heart meditation, “Everything will be fine, you will get better!” Estimated to have stayed for a bar, just when surgery anesthesia, and rest assured, all right, after hearing the words of the nurse, the boy This taut hanging heart with a trace of relief. “What could you help me take care of her for a while, and I went out to do something, I’ll come back as soon as possible,” the boy said to the nurse. Well, you go, nurse promised the boy …

The boy went out to raise money, just the doctor said to the boy of her condition is very serious, and needs special drugs to pay a deposit before surgery did not stay and how much, have to pay some medical expenses, there are some distance from the bank, which days also under a light rain, slippery road a bit small, but the boy’s electric car wheels turn very quickly, the boy worried girl, very, very worried about the girl, with a very short time the boy went back to the hospital, of course, run fast at a price way back boy fell a bit, the calf was kissing a roadside holly, Oh, boy is very strong, rub a little leg up, lift up electric car dash to the hospital. To the ward. The girl was awake. Boy wiped the sweat from his brow looked at the girl smiled and said: “Excuse me, ah, I just went out to do a little something,” the girl weak nod. Girl is very considerate, knowing hurt the boy, gently said sorry. Girl lying in front of the boy hurried to cover girl hand made mouth movements, “Fool, as long as your disease optimistic, I am willing to spend much money, you have a good rest and recuperation on the line, you do not control anything else, there is me . “the girl’s pillow wet,” In the morning, when you go back to the doctor asked me, you will not come, I say will come, will come back, and the results you really come, fool … ”


Boy called Xiang, a girl named snow, they met online, it may be fate, the girl to the city to find the boy a boy, so they are in one of the two consecutive three days now, Xiang are perceived wrong , and a lot of debris inside the toilet, bloody things every day filled with trash, initially tried several times to persuade the boy to the hospital to see the girl, the girl said nothing refused, unwilling to go to the hospital one night they chat uttered when the snow really like, a month before the medication abortion … Xiang next afternoon off work, “not hungry?” Raymond concern asked. “Okay,” Snow replied. A low voice, a bit weak, looking at the snow pale complexion, Xiang corrective heart suddenly a bit, and what seem to have been a bit sharp stab things like pain, hurt, I hope you did something right, Xiang silent prayer for a moment. Something to eat a meal, Xiang said the snow, take you to a fun place to go, snow nod, to the, Xiang told a little lie on his shoulders seemingly asleep snow, this is where ah, the snow under the Xiang electric cars, it wants to follow me, Xiang took the hand of the snow continued walking to the door, the snow apparently little change in facial expression, how come here, pale face made her look a little angry with the increasingly frail Xiang followed with sad heart, because she can not see the snow has got a unhappy unhappy, are here, or let the doctor look at it, so I feel relieved, snow reluctantly followed Xiang into the doctor’s room. “Where uncomfortable ah,” Xiang said the snow situation. “How do ah, more than half have to check this, and how drag so long, you really do not order these young people, this is playing with fire, do not know!” Doctors against Xiang roar for a moment. “I know not, she is now severe anemia, and his face is white like, and you then can not be late for a while non-shock yesterday on a patient in shock, that he was coming back to her boyfriend, the doctor could not stop himself which seems The emotion! “Xiang meal against storms, snow was brought to do inspections, and Xiang stay on the outside and dropped his head, check the results came out, the condition is very serious, requiring emergency surgery, Cheung went to pay a deposit, Snow to stay and talking to your doctor. “He is not your boyfriend,” the doctor asked. “No, that your boyfriend do? Broke up, he does? He was …” So they are a Q & A with the word spoken. Snow was brought into the ward to play bleeding needles, doctors Xiang said, I already know the situation, I do not understand your present relationship, but now she need you to help her, Xiang little head, how do you know, she Just like saying you are not a local, the doctor asked, through an online knowledge, we met less than twenty days, Xiang voice was a little low, but you also have the right to whatever she Moreover, not your reasons, the doctor At this point a bit touched, but I can not, I’m very, very fond of her I can not abandon her, the sound is very firm Xiang Xiang went back to get the snow …… daily necessities, and gave the snow brought back something to eat, and tomorrow the snow will undergo an operation, the doctor must be hospitalized for observation accountable eat at night to bring you your favorite drink of rice pudding, spoon a mouth to feed Xiang remove snow, snow eating slowly, enjoying Snow behaved eating phase, Xiang again in my heart secretly vowed: “Snow! I will forever Hello, rest assured!” … just nurse asked me you will not come, I say will come, and will definitely come The snow appeared excited, in fact, I quite do not want to come, you do not like me, Xiang said jokingly to the snow, you do not come I would not blame you, but not your fault, watching the snow considerate look at this time of Xiang’s eyes could not help but come out to a few small naughty, fear of seeing snow on snow, that I went out to get you some water to escape the snow in the eyes, the pair look so Xiang the eye could not help but love, then snow in the heart of Xiang occupies an important position, so that Xiang deep into the quagmire inside love the snow, unable to extricate themselves …

That night was long, Xiang almost never close your eyes one night, thinking about the promise of snow before, thinking about the two of them before the song and laughter, Xiang cried and cried very much, for fear the snow awakened Wujin Xiang his mouth, love a person is not wrong, it would be wrong in his love too, too. Early next morning Xiang went back to get the money went surgery, pay the surgery fee, after a while the snow was wheeled into the operating room, one second seconds time to live, Xiang anxiously waiting in the operating room door, do not count for a long time is a torment for Xiang, the heart of the snow, he is how uncomfortable mood, praying, also complained, how to prevent yourself instead of snow bear the pain, God how such a hateful, Let such a lovely person subject to so much pain …

Significantly better after the surgery, a lot of snow, the doctor brought an egg a glass of milk, for Xiang said she can eat anything, Xiang careful peel the egg skin, Xiaohe saith to the snow, do not like to eat eggs have to eat a Ha, also do not like to drink pure milk drink, ah, very understanding Xiang Xue not like to eat these two things, so this advise cajole snow, snow obediently ate them in the afternoon the snow really do not want a kick in the hospital on drip Xiang took her to his home in the evening Xiang do pickled fish, watch the video yourself online self-study, Xiang heard that girl eating fish is good for girls, so he insisted that snow fish, before the snow a few times to do the dishes are a bit small paste, cook it craft or the snow to his scholarship, at first a bit a few times do indeed fail, so the snow on him to do the dishes are flattered, this time to do still relatively satisfactory, They eat very happy, Chiba Fan Xiang after washing them down for a few days of clothes, Xiang did not want to wash your own snow, he was afraid of foam corrosive damage to the snow beautiful hands, cook this regard, Xiang Du performance is very positive, because he loves the snow, he always says to the snow, to work to earn money is a man thing, the girl was responsible for directing the responsible enjoyment … Xiang tightly holding the snow at night, for fear that this cute angel left him, he is now inseparable from the snow, although in the short period of time, love Well, something, people obsessed, insane, people can not extricate themselves, people enjoy them sweet, if I’m not pregnant, then you will not want me, the snow saying Qieqie asked Xiang, Xiang thought for a moment, hands clenched the snow, the snow takes hold tight, I love you, I do not accounting than you anything, never, if you agree, then I have an urge to marry you tomorrow! Xiang’s voice once again seemed very firm, flew to marry you really have a idea, although I did not like you, you’re nice to me, I will remember you for a lifetime … Xiang’s arm holding the snow wet, right! Snow cried, I can not see you cry, you laugh when the most beautiful, I want you to always have a happy heart … Xiang cried, tightly holding the snow, people really looked to have moved scene ……

The most romantic one second


Train, with the seat of a pair of mother and son. At dusk, the mother and son began somewhat restless, and the son on the windowpane are posted flat face up, and looked ……

I asked the kids have looked, what do you want to happen? His mother smiled at me sheepishly. Children turned to me and said, Dad is the train driver, today is my father’s birthday, he and his mother wanted to give my father a birthday present. Thus, this train ride deliberately, hoping to meet with the father opened the train. See a dad.

I knew, mother and son found on the train schedule, T79 and T91 will be at 6:00 when the encounter. Perhaps the two trains, pass for only a second, but the mother and son, but very look forward to in this encounter a second, brought laughter eyelid and blessings, sweet poems

After a child, I heard a distant rumble of another train. Stickers on the windows of the harp shouted: come! Come! Father’s train coming! Children’s mother moved to another Norwegian upper body tightly attached to the window glass, our car fell silent, and that body shook with excitement boy painting the picture of a cake, tightly against the windowpanes, that cake next to a line of rosy words: her husband, take care! husband of one wife gave all the thoughts and worries , also expressed by the words

Soon Tgl on coming. In the two trains with the wrong the moment, I only saw the boy holding a cake shouted Dad; while the mother, suppressing the body you want to jump up and quietly posted on the glass.

Really, that moment, a second bar, T91 and T79 moment to complete the encounter. Excited children removed from the windows to the front, and his mother was still stunned at the window edges. Son suddenly clinging to her mother and said: “I saw a father. Daddy smiled at me.” Mom just smiled, nodded, silently told his son, and she also saw

What kind of romantic and moving more real, more earth-shattering? Candlelight dinner? Roses? Front of this very moment I feel romantic, plain and simple, but it makes me deeply yearn ……